METRANS brings its intermodal transportation experience to Turkish market
METRANS, one of the leading players in intermodal transportation in Europe, is preparing to offer new products for the Turkish market it has re-entered. The company, which currently offers weekly services on the Turkiye-Slovakia, Turkiye-Hungary and Turkiye-Serbia lines, plans to establish a connection between Turkiye and Poland as well. Peter Kiss, CEO of METRANS Group, announced that they will add swap body and trailer transportation in addition to 45' containers in the third quarter of the year, and is positive about terminal investment in Turkiye.

MetransMETRANS, a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), stands out with its railway-connected intermodal solutions. Offering CO₂ neutral handling and transportation to its customers with its “HHLA Pure” product, the company provides carbon-neutral transport chains from Hamburg, Europe's largest railway port, to the inner regions of Europe. METRANS, which has re-entered the Turkish market, connects Turkiye to Central and Eastern Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe to larger regions via Turkiye, with the networks it has established. Peter Kiss, Peter Kiss, CEO of METRANS Group, explained his plans for the Turkish market to UTA Lojistik Magazine.
Could you introduce METRANS to our readers a little bit? What are your services to the logistics sector?
METRANS is one of the market leaders in intermodal transport. With more, than 30 years of experience and neutrality, 20 European terminals, over 650 trains every week, the fleet of more than 130 locomotives and over 4000 rail cars serve all major European ports and European hinterland. Our regular shuttle trains in combination with a well-developed and flexible terminal network enable our customers to transport goods smoothly, fast and reliably. Our intention is the all inclusive service for our customers. 
Which modes of transport do you use?
We have committed ourselves to innovation and sustainability, offering a diverse range of locomotives including electric, diesel, and hybrid models equipped with energy recovery technology for enhanced efficiency and reduced emissions. While rail remains our core competency, METRANS goes beyond traditional rail services. We offer integrated trucking services - our extensive network of contractual trucking partners ensures reliable last-mile deliveries, complementing our rail services for comprehensive logistics solutions. So, we are a combined traffic operator.
As METRANS, are you ready for Green Transformation as a result of the Green Deal? What are your investments or actions taken as a result of these regulations?
We offer a unique intermodal solution for neutral and global container transport. Environmentally friendly transport enjoys the highest priority at METRANS. Our HHLA Pure Project offers our customers a climate-neutral transport chain that includes port operations using electric crane systems and automated guided vehicles, as well as container transport with e-traction locomotives. We have to remind ourselves daily that the rail is the most sustainable transportation mode. We have to remind ourselves daily that we have forgotten what we have on an opportunity at the railway. There are too many talks, but less action. But we are keeping our word and doing. That´s why we have introduced the CO2 neutral transportation already 2018. As one of the first.
We know that you are currently organizing train services between Turkey and Slovakia. Are you planning to organize block train services to a different country or countries in the near future?
Currently we have direct services between Turkiye and Slovakia, there are also weekly direct services between Hungary and Turkiye, between Serbia and Turkey. We are planning our next direct connection as a direct service between Turkiye and Poland. We are also trying to support project-based block train requests from our customers. Our commitment is to react always on the needs.
Do you plan to transport swap body and/or trailer equipment in the next period? If so, for which time period do you plan?
We are currently supporting our customers with our 45hp equipment. Of course, we have plans to transport swap body equipment, trailers. We do see the demands on the transport from Turkiye to Europe. We are receiving many requests from the market in this regard. We are about to complete our preparations, it´s necessary to prepare the hinterland terminals, to prepare the equipment, rail cars. That´s why we are investing in to storage capacities at our terminals. We think we can start trailer transport from the 3rd quarter of this year.
We know that METRANS has terminals in many countries. Do you have a terminal project in Turkey? If so, are you thinking on the European side or the Anatolian side?
It is too early to give an answer, but I think we could take a step in that direction in the future. We are aware of the needs in Turkey and are eager to share our experience in terminal management. As said. We are at the beginning. But we are listening to the needs of the market, to the needs of our partners. That´s how we do it everywhere and always. 
Barbaros Mahallesi Alzambak Sokak
Varyap Meridian Grand Tower A Blok 
Kat 27 No 227, 34746 Ataşehir / Istanbul – Turkiye
Web: www.metrans.eu
Tel : +90 216 510 0692
Fax: : +90 312 473 5736
Mobile: +90 537 955 6592
E-Mail : obasar@metrans.sk 



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